Jazz Musik

Lounge & Bar Pianist - the highlight for your events and corporate events
Hardly any other musical genre is so determined by individual tone formation and phrasing as jazz. For more than a century now, the original African-American improvisation music, characterized by the fusion of the different African and European tone systems, has influenced the musicians in the style of jazz, as well as the resulting musical movements.
The piano quickly gained a very special place in jazz music alongside saxophones, trumpets and other jazz instruments. Because on the piano, in contrast to wind instruments, the solo artist was able to sing and accompany himself instrumentally. Being able to be equal in jazz pianist and singer opened the way for jazz pianists to new audiences. In more and more renowned night bars and the pubs that were famous for themselves, you could read on the signs in the window and on the street: Jazz pianist wanted! Already around 1920, the jazz pianist was an important soloist within a jazz ensemble or a popular solo artist who faced the characteristic challenge of improvisation in connection with the swinging rhythm. 
Even today, the demand for jazz pianists is considered to be one of the highest musical demands. Famous jazz pianists such as Teddy Wilson, Art Tatum, Lennie Tristano, Alfred McCoy Tyner and many others laid the foundations for this demanding musical style and the resulting jazz styles. Nowadays, pure jazz groups are rather rare, but this does not diminish the demands on the jazz pianist's individual skills. Rather, even today, when looking for jazz pianists, value is placed on an experienced and excellent technique. 

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